Holy Cow I’m in Vet School!

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First post on here from an actual vet student, aka me.

From the cartoon above, you’ll see I am currently thinking about physiology. Just finished a very challenging exam.  It’s truly amazing how all these hormones and organs interact in ways that you might not expect. Also, it makes for some very confusing studying sometimes…

Anyways, vet school is a lot. It’s tough sometimes, especially moving away from the warmth of Hawaii to the slightly less warm state of Oregon.  I am getting better at studying, cooking, and working out consistently.  I’ve found it helps -to a certain extent- to plan out what/when/where/how in regards to studying.

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It’s Been Awhile

A lot has happened since the last post.

In summary:

  • I found a place to live for vet school!
  • I got a new job for the summer
  • I achieved my squat goal of 200 lbs (which may not seem like much to some, but at this beginning of this year my squat was at 0 lbs)
  • I signed up to volunteer full time (short term) helping children with disabilities
  • started cleaning my room

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I Made a Veterinary Client Smile!

I’m going to stop numbering my blog posts. What’s the point? I’m not focusing on the quantity now, but the quality.

Anyways, I’ve been quite busy lately.

I may have finally found a place to live for veterinary school! 🙂

I was worried I would have to settle for a place with a shared bathroom (YUCK) if I waited too long, but thankfully, if this rental company works out, I will have an awesome place close to campus for a great price WITH my own bathroom. I’ve shared a bathroom before, and I could do it again, but I’d rather not. There are just some areas one’s home that need to be kept to strict hygiene standards.

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Where do you see yourself one year from now?

Five years?

Ten years?

We have heard these questions before. If we have not, then we have not been listening. These questions about things yet to happen seek to uncover your goals, hopes, and dreams. These questions are essential planning out the road map of one’s life. Where would we be without goals?

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Competition in Undergrad: Day 34

Competition can be good. It propels one to do better and better. It is where true innovation takes place. It pushes us beyond what we thought was possible.

Competition can also be bad. It may drive people apart. It may foster ill emotions like jealousy, greed, or conceit. It may push us beyond our limits in an unhealthy way.

Competition is inevitable. Just look around you.

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Quitting a Job: Day 33

Hey, thanks for reading my blog 🙂 .

Why don’t people write that more? Your time is precious, and I appreciate that you take a few moments to read my $0.02.

I digress.

I took a brief hiatus from blogging. It is possible to blog consecutively every day while working full time and having a life…but at some point I wondered if the quality of the posts would diminish if I forced myself to write daily.

I began this blog thinking I could write consecutively for 60 days about my pre-veterinary journey and wellness. I’ve been able to have a sort of emotional detachment from most of my posts because those events have happened months or years ago. I’m going to change up format a bit; I’m going to write about an issue going on now: my job.

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Vet Clinic Fun (Part 1): Day 32

Let’s imagine you step into a new veterinary clinic with your beloved Fido (there is a point to this detailed thought exercise). 

You push through the clear glass door, leash in hand, and try to find a seat. Chances are, your Fido might be pulling every which way to sniff the latest sniffs. You greet the receptionist, who gives you new client paperwork to fill out. Fun.

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The Journey To Veterinary School and Wellness